Food Handling Certificate Course a Success!

Last Tuesday, on the 12th of September, seventeen participants of the Food Handling Course successfully passed the final test and received their Food Handling Certificate. The course covered the hygiene, food handling practices and responsibilities of personnel involved.

Under the Food Act 1984 the certificate is a legal requirement for any person handling food in Australia and New Zealand.

Polish Club Albion is now fully compliant with the above Act, and even its casual workers meet the required criteria.

Photo: The pergola structure  on 11/08/2023

Work progress on the Pergola construction site

At the Polish Center in Albion, an event center is being built, tentatively called a pergola.

The structure of the pergola will consist of a concrete base measuring 12 x 24 m, on which the wooden floor of the stage will be placed. The supports and roof structure will be made of steel elements, and the roof will be covered with Lysaght panels.

The structure is being built thanks to the funding received by the club from the local authorities.

Construction work progresses well and currently the roof panels and isolation are being installed. The next stage will involve installation of the ceiling to prevent birds from “claiming” the under roof space.

The contractor for the steel structure elements is SGA Engineering from Melton.

Price negotiations are underway with various subcontractors and suppliers (electricians, plumbers, painters, etc.) whose employment will be necessary for the finishing works.

If the construction does not encounter any unexpected delays, the new facility will be ready for use in just two months.


Above: The aft view of the facility (11/08/2023)

Above: The front view – status  as on 11/08/2023

A new tractor

Following month of inconvenience caused by our old and unreliable tractor the Club purchased a new tractor in June.

The tractor comes with a front loader to add flexibility in our maintenance tasks.

It was delivered a few days ago and will help to maintain our extensive grassed area in a tidy state.

Work on the landscaping started

These photos are from 26/07/2023. Concrete path has been freshly laid.

The area shown will be landscaped to ensure nice and relaxed environment for visitors.

Photo: Leveling works for the 4 lane sports track

A new facility in Albion Club

The club in Albion, using its own funds, started the first stage of construction of a sports track with a planned width of 5 m and length of 80 m.

Currently the site of the future 4 lane running track is being levelled.

It is expected that the facility will be commissioned before the next sports festival.

Further plans include the construction of a multifunctional sports field (tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, etc.), a playground for children and a mini park. At the current stage, the club’s management is selecting subcontractors and suppliers.

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